How We Make It
We work with glass that must be kiln fired. Some of it is the same color when we work it (typical of fused glass) -
and some of it has treated layers of metals or oxides and it is a totally different color when working it compared to after firing (typical of dichroic glass).
Once fired, the main characteristic of dichroic glass is that it transmits one color and reflects a totally different color (thus "di" for two).
Some pieces do this more than others. This particular feature of the glass can make it difficult to photograph and capture all of its beauty.
The process of cutting glass does take practice.
A 2x6 piece of dichroic glass averages $20, so mistakes are costly!
Because of the oil in the cutting tools, each tiny piece needs to be hand washed thoroughly before it can be fired, or the oil may create a film on the final piece.
It is challenging to keep all the pieces together for a specific cabachon -
at times they have a mind of their own, and get stacked in the kiln in a totally new design.

These pieces have been stacked in the kiln and are ready to fire -
Stacking glass pieces is not as easy as one would think - they do move!
The firing process takes approximately 12 hours from start to opening the kiln.
Many pieces will change color as your body movement changes how the light is hitting it -
so don't be surprised when you are talking to someone, and they are watching your jewelry!
Opening the kiln is a lot like opening a present -
Exciting! Surprising! and yes, sometimes disappointing!
(Notice their sharp edges)
Compare the pieces - notice how some of the glass is predictable, and some a real surprise?
ABOVE: Before Firing ----- BELOW: After Firing
For some of the pieces, Our Work Is Now Done - Other artisans will give them life as a finished piece.
Others we will finish for the customer who wants all the fun and glamour without having to know how to create it!