This page is devoted to cabachons just waiting for the right Artisan to give them life in a finished product!
Prices include applicable taxes and continental US shipping - discounts apply to shipping multiple pieces in same package.
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$26 green & gold
2 layers of dichroic glass on black
$35 "Picasso Technique"
Multiple glass pieces, engraved, and fired twice
$26 Rainbow of colors
Highly reflective, clear coat
$26 purples and greens
Rainbow of matt colors
$26 green and green!
Has both matt and shiny coat
$26 purples and blues
Has an unusual play of positive / negative space. Resembles trees if viewed as dark areas are tree trunks
$26 purples and greens
Rainbow of shiny colors, and texture under clear, smooth glass
$26 green swirls
Clear coated
$26 engraved tree, golden sun
matt finish
$26 purples and reds
very shiny & reflective
$48 set of two
Gold on black
$26 aquamarine
Various shades of aqua
$55 Set of three
Gorgeous matt copper on black